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New Weight Loss Method - Fat Freezing Treatment

Can this be true? Can you actually loose those stubborn inches through “freezing fat cells”? Yes, the science is 100% real. There are many new exciting fat freezing procedures (both home and clinical use available to choose from.

How does the science behind fat freezing work?

Cold Temperatures Boost Brown Fat Activation Which Sculpts And Slims Your Body

For a number of years, scientists have been studying “brown fat.” Brown fat is a heat-generating type of fat that burns energy instead of storing it as fat, and this process has many important implications when it comes to weight loss and slimming your body. In a new study, scientists found that they were able to activate the brown fat in adults by exposing them to targeted cold temperatures for certain periods of time. By activating that brown fat (through cooling it to specific, non harmful temperatures) the adults in the study burned almost double the calories (helping them to loose the white fat that makes us appear chubby) of the men who weren’t cooled.

A Swedish research article published in 2009 found that cold temperatures increased the activity in the subjects’ brown fat regions, measured using positron-emission tomography (PET).2 In fact, cold-induced glucose uptake was increased by a factor of 15! While the Swedish researchers dipped the subject’s foot into an ice bath while in the scanner, another similar study by researchers in the Netherlands chilled their subjects in a 16 degrees Celsius/61 degrees Fahrenheit room for two hours. They too found an uptick in brown fat activity which would further increase caloric burn and fat reduction in targeted areas.

Why is freezing my fat worth trying?

Traditionally when we want to loose weight especially those last few stubborn pounds we must go to great lengths! We must do things like eat perfectly, run daily and even take unhealthy metabolism pills. None of those activities are sustainable with our active lifestyles, especially those of us who have jobs, families, hobbies and more. Therefore why wouldn’t you try a fat freezing treatment? Especially one which doesn’t cost you thousands of dollars and invasive surgery. You can literally try products like blue fat freeze system and other at home fat freezing treatments for a few hundred dollars. Even if you loose only a couple inches it’s well worth your time and investment.

Should I be worries about health precautions?

The great news about these new methods of weight loss is they are completely safe (speaking about the actual companies who manufacture them, not speaking about you making something from ice packs at home). These companies test thousands of products prior to selling them to the public and some are even FDA approved. Please do not think you can use ice packs at home and put them directly on your skin or you will run the severe risk of getting frostbite. It is not worth causing permanent damage to your body trying and save only a few hundred dollars.

Good Luck on your fat freezing journey!

We hope you’ve found this information helpful and wish you luck on your weight loss and fat freezing journey! If you have further questions or comments please reach out to us and we’ll try to help. Our goal is simply to provide great information to inform our readers on the latest and greatest ways to keep their bodies slim, trim and looking great!

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Best Laser Caps For Hair Growth


Today we’re featuring our vote for the best laser cap for hair growth. Our vote goes to the Kiierr Laser Caps and their complete hair growth system. Weve listed out the specs below to give you a feel for what they include with their laser caps.


Kiierr272Premier Laser Cap Technical Specifications:

  • Number of lasers 272.
  • Diode output 5 mW.
  • Laser wavelength 650 nm.
  • Total power 1360 mW.
  • Output voltage 11.1 V.
  • Pulse frequency 4.5 Hz.
  • Total capacity 2.2 mAh.
  • Power charger: Output voltage 12.6 V. Output current 2000 mAh.


You can clearly see that when it comes to laser cap specs and all of the indicidual componets the Kiierr products are as good as they come! The Kiierr team also boasts having 75 years of laser hair growth and LLLT experts on staff. Which to the consumer means a wealth of knowledge to help them through their hair loss and ultimately hair regrowth journey.

Hopefully this helps many consumers out there struggling with hair loss to choose the best laser hair cap for them. It’s important to do your own research. In addition here is a link to the science behind the lllt laser hair growth process.